WE  will host the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity Service here on Day 6 of the week  of prayer, and will join in services at other denominations on other days.


• Jan 18—noon: United Reformed Church

• Jan 19—7pm: Abergavenny Baptist Church

• Jan 20—noon: Our Lady & St Michael’s

• Jan 21—2pm: United service at Abergavenny Methodist Church, preacher Catherine Lewis

• Jan 23—noon: St Mary’s Priory Church

• Jan 24—noon: Methodist Church

• Jan 25—noon: Salvation Army Hall (tbc)

“And the angels called back and forth to one an-other. “Holy, Holy, Holy, is the God of the angel armies, his bright glory fills the earth” Isaiah 6

A new Textile Exhibition about Angels will be on display at the Priory Church from January 14th – 31st. Admission is free.

There is a great deal of mystery surrounding these heavenly-beings. In this exhibition, the textile artist, Jacqui Parkinson, explores some of the passages in the Bible that mention angels.


Jacqui’s work catches the eye and challenges the mind. It is all about putting ideas into action, exploiting many materials and techniques in order to get a message across. She uses a powerful graphic instinct together with the intimacy of the hand-stitched line to create work that feels highly spontaneous, very lively, moving and thoroughly engaging. Her Christian faith underpins all her art. She often includes words, sometimes precise extracts from the bible, or words that sum up ideas and feelings to form part of a graphic narrative and to draw the viewer in. Typically, her pieces have great impact from a distance; they engage the viewer, then encourage close inspection and contemplation. You can enjoy the big picture and the tiny detail. Angels is one of a series of textile art displays by Jacqui Parkinson which is touring cathedrals and churches in England and Wales.

For more information.

Hosted by the Deo Gloria Trust 



Friday, January 6th: 6.30pm Holy Eucharist

New Years Day

10.30am Holy Eucharist at Holy Trinity Church Baker Street, there are no Services at the Priory on New Year’s Day.

Preaching at St Mary’s Priory Church’s Christmas Services the Vicar, Canon Mark Soady, will say:

I am not among those people who complain about Christmas having become to secular – after all December 25th started out as a pagan festival. No on actually knew what day Jesus was born on, in the stable in Bethlehem two thousand years ago, so the early Christians  took over the  the Saturnalia Festival. The Festival  celebrated the new light as the days started to get longer again, and so the early Christians used it to celebrate the birth of  the light of the world.  Jesus speaks of himself as “I am the light”.


For many of us these days feel very dark: the uncertainty of a President Trump, life after Brexit, terrorist acts almost daily, the ongoing carnage in Aleppo…..and much more.

As Jesus came in to the darkness of the people’s lives two thousands years ago, so he comes in to the darkness of our life today  –  if we allow him in. God humbled himself to come to us, he came as  baby so he could make himself more accessible to us, we must now respond to that humble act by embracing God. We must embrace God by trying to become more like him.

If we have become distant  to God Christmas is a time to re-engage with him. As  the sending of a Christmas card helps us to  re-engage with our friends we have lost, so meeting the Christ Child afresh this night enables us to rebuild our relationship with God.

`The light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it’

The Gospel of John



Details of the activities for 2017 have been published.

Cathedral Exhibition on Angels

We kick the year by hosting the Cathedral Exhibitions of Textile Art – Angels exhibition. The Deo Gloria  funded exhibition will be with us in January. This display gives a series of impressions about angles as link between this world and another dimension. It combines the familiar comfortable Christmas story, with the unfamiliar and uncomfortable realm that exists beyond our understanding.




LENT: Stations of the Cross & Sunday Evening Preachments


Throughout Lent we will mount Nigel Robert Pugh’s Exhibition of paintings of the Stations of the Cross. On Sunday evenings at 6pm we will look at the images and what message we can draw out for today, with the help of visiting Preachers.

March 5th: Religious Art with Revd Celia Jones, Magor (Christchurch, North Street)

March 12th: Accused & Pilate with His Honour Judge Huw Rees

March 19th: The Weeping Women with Revd Canon Daniel Burton former Chair of Embrace the Middle East

March 26th: Jesus meets his mother with Revd Paul Lockett former Chantry Priest at the Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham and Queen’s Chaplain.

April 2nd: Entrust with Deacon Jeff Pearce, Abergavenny (Christchurch, North Street)

April 9t:  Death on the Cross / Descent

Mons Day

During May we will display quilts  produced by 130 pupils from across Monmouthshire featuring themes of the Great War including WWI poets, the role of animals in the war, life in the trenches, nurses, the Abergavenny War Memorial and poppies.


We will host a Mons Day Service over the weekend of May 6th/7th.


We will host the Bible Society fabric display on the theme of Creation during September, which is also the month of the annual Abergavenny Food Festival.


In addition we will mark the major Christian Festivals during the year. We will also be holding a Festival of Church Music at the end of August.


Donkeys, Bishops and a new singing monk all contributed to a great weekend at the Priory.

On Friday evening we had the annual Carol Concert with Vision of Hope a Christian Charity which rehabilitates ex-prisoners on a near by farm – and they brought their donkeys along to join in.


Vision of Hope Carols

On Saturday morning Bishop Richard Commissioned the Holywell Community’s first Concentor, Br Simon . In this moving service two new associates were also admitted to the Community.


Br Simon swears his oath of Canonical Obedience 

Read Bishop Richard’s Sermon here.


The New Concentor and Associates join us


The afternoon saw us donning Costumes as we Walked the Nativity  from Holy Trinity Church, Baker Street to the Abbot’s Garden at St Mary’s Priory -sharing the good news of Christmas and general Christmas cheer throughout the town. Br Simon was Joseph and Sr Jenni, Mary, while Fr Chris Walters and Bishop Richard toke on the roles of the Magi.Fr Mark proclaimed the good news in his role as Archangel Gabriel.

Christmas Music and Carols were on the programme on Saturday evening for the Abergavenny Borough Band’s Christmas Concert in the Priory Church.


On Sunday at 11am we welcomed our second Bishop of the weekend. Bishop David Thomas returned to Abergavenny to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of his Consecration as Bishop. Fr Mark said, “It is right that this  celebrations takes place here where he lived for the whole of his Episcopacy”.


Bishop David processes out at the end of the service 

The weekend concluded with our Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols. The Choir excelled  themselves and Abergavenny Rotary Club provided Mulled Wine & Mince Pies.