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The latest in the Faith in Art series is an Exhibition of the work of  Dalene West from August 15th – 31st


Dalene is originally from Cape Town in South Africa , she knows lives  in Swansea with her husband and son.

Medium : Varied (oils, inks, acrylic, watercolour and mixed media).


Dalene writes

Although I have been a dedicated sketcher since my life began (probably), I have only really started painting in 1994, and now I do not know how to stop! I love painting in a variety of media, and doing varied kinds of paintings, up to and including portraits. I think anyone who has a good grasp of sketching, will know how rewarding it is to start off with a humble pencil sketch, and end up with something that represents the original photo or person you are trying to capture.


Art that is worthy of note, is never (usually) done overnight, like a good cheese, it ripens and can best be appreciated once many many days have passed. As you may imagine, this requires an almost ‘unchristianly’ amount of patience, however, Mother Theresa has helped shape this part of me with a very meaningful quote ‘with patience, you can achieve anything’.

Colossians 1:16 – For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether [they be] thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him, and for him…


The Artist: Dalene West

Proceeds from the sale of her work support: Unicef, Christian Aid and Red Cross Childrens’ hospital South Africa.

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Work has now begun on the Lewis Chapel Roof, with support from grant giving bodies.

For more information on Summer works


We have also heard that the Diocesan Advisory Group have recommended to the Diocesan Chancellor that he grant permission to move the Jesse effigy to below the Jesse Window, thus completing phase 1 of the redesign of the Chapel.


How it should look from November 2017

Work on the Priory Centre East end will start on Monday, August 7th.

Minor repairs are also underway


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Given the hoped for good weather and a slightly quieter church schedule (after last Summer’s busy programme) a programme of worked is planned for this Summer starting on July 24th.

After a day of meetings with contractors, Diocesan Advisory Committee Secretary, CADW Inspector, our Architect and Archeologist -in-residence a schedule of work is now planned.

The first piece of work will see Islwyn Pugh Construction and CT Bains  working on refurbishing the Lewis Chapel Roof.

Gibson have been commissioned to install a new Boiler System in the church in readiness for the winter, this will not only improve our heating, but will also re-open a fire exit thus increasing the attendance possible in the church.

Major repair work to the east end of the Priory Centre roof and wall will take place in late August.

Also going on is preparation work for the lowering of the North walk way in 2018 and off site the creation of a new Plinth for Jesse and an accompanying Altar for the Lewis Chapel.

All this work is being funded by major grants, donations and Legacies. We are especially grateful to  Listed Places of Worship Roof Repair Fund and the All Churches Trust for their support.

The Vicar, Canon Mark Soady welcoming the news of this programme of work said.

We have a duty of stewardship for this Grade 1 building of National importance. We are grateful for the support and help we are being given to keep the building in tip top condition – and also to make it a welcoming, safe, friendly place to visit and worship in.


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This July marks the 180th Anniversary of the Founding of the Additional Curates Society, we will mark this great Anniversary at 11am on Sunday, July 30th when the General Secretary, Fr Darren Smith SSC will be our Preacher.


On the 12th July 1837 Joshua Watson founded the Additional Curates Society, charged with the important task of resourcing the Church’s ministry.

Our Associate Priest Fr Malcolm Lane is a former  Treasurer and Trustee  of ACS and our last Incumbent Fr.Jeremy Winston was its Chairman until his untimely death in 2011.

We are grateful for the support the Society gives to us as a Parish, and gave to the Holywell Community on its early days.

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The last Choir service of the Summer will be on Sunday, July 19th, but they are not taking all the Summer off.


The choir will be spending the week of August 7-13 as Choir-in-Residence at Rochester Cathedral in Kent.Rochester is one of the oldest cathedrals, with a large part of the building dating back to Norman times.

The Music Director Tim Pratt write:

Although it is one of the smaller cathedrals in England it is a real gem, and well worth a visit. Having spent much of my youth singing in the cathedral, it will be a real treat for me to return and for the first time ever, conduct a choir in that building. We will leave early on Monday morning, in order to reach Rochester in time for a rehearsal before our first Evensong. We will be singing on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, when there will be three service (Matins, Eucharist and Evensong), before returning to Wales. On the Wednesday, the cathedral will be hosting a diocesan Mothers’ Union festival, and we have been warned to expect more than 150 people for Evensong on that day. We will beSummer of for the Choir – well not

During the week the choir will singing a new set of settings for the Magnificat and Nunc Dimitis which Tim Pratt has written for the occasion.

Either pop up to Rochester to hear the choir sing or keep update with their daily activities while in Rochester  by following  their blog.

The Festival of Liturgical Music from August 28th  – September 3rd will also see the Choir in action.


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A number of RSCM medals were presented at The Priory Church this weekend, including a Gold medal with honours.

Simon Pratt, former Head Chorister and current Concentor gained his God Medal with honours ” in recognition of his exemplary conduct and outstanding work”.

Other recipients were:


  • Sam Proll


  • Ffion Boyce
  • Daisy Bayliss
  • Rebecca Taylor
  • Sophie Sevenoaks

Congratulating the recipients the Vicar Canon Mark Soady said:

We are truly blessed with our music foundation at the Priory Church. I am grateful to our Director of Music, Tim Pratt for his nurturing of our Choristers from a very young age.

We have a great bunch of Choristers- well done!

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