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Be a Generous people

Writing in the Parish Magazine at the start of our month long Stewardship Campaign the Vicar calls us to be a generous people.

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For many of us the word generous conjures up money and our attitude to it, but it is about much more than money.

The Oxford English Dictionary definition of generous is “giving or ready to give freely, free from meanness or prejudice”, while the Collins dictionary speaks of being ‘free from pettiness in character and mind, munificent”.

All those qualities listed are surely the qualities that one would expect to find in a disciple of Jesus
– he who gave of him self totally on the cross so we may have eternal life;
– he who did not distinguish between Samaritan or Jew

So friends as we launch our stewardship campaign I pray that we may blessed with these qualities and learn how to us them to the glory of God.

How different the world would be if all people approached a situation asking what was best for the common good, rather than what is best for me. Not “how much tax would I need to pay to fund x,y,z?” , but “ How can I better support those in need?”, be they the sick, the elderly or the refugee.

How different the world would be if we did not judge people prejudicially. That is not to say that we should water down our principles, but we need to approach people and situations in love.

How different the world would be if we gave with out counting the cost – after the example of our Lord and Saviour.

So with Christ I pray “Pick up your cross and follow me”


Canon Mark Soady,

Vicar of Abergavenny & Rector of LLanwenarth Citra

Preachers During September

Sunday 6th: 8am & 11am Richard Jones (Monmouth Diocesan Stewardship & Minstry Area Development Officer):6pm The Vicar

Sunday 13th: 8am & 11am The Vicar; 6pm Richard Jones

Sunday 20th: Food Festival

Sunday 27th: 8am & 11am Rt Revd Andy John, Bishop of Bangor                       (Provincial Chairman of GENRus)

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Organised by Cadw, the Welsh Government’s historic environment service, Open Doors offers both local people and visitors alike the chance to explore the hidden treasures of Wales’s culture and history.

Although we are open every day here at St Mary’s Priory Church on September 26th you can join the new resident Monastic Community and follow the 1,000 year old tradition of the Monastic Day.

The Monastic Prayer hours are:

8.15am Lauds    12noon Sext         4.30pm Vespers

On the following day September 27th  you can visit our sister church St Peter’s, Llanwenarth Citra.There will be Morning Worship as usual at 10:00 which all visitors are welcome to attend. Following this and until 5:00pm members of the church family will be in attendance to show visitors around the church, to give details of its history, and to explain our current renovation and improvement projects. Hot and cold drinks and refreshments will be available and it is planned to have local produce and cakes available for sale.

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Details of the Parish Pilgrimage to Lindisfarne in September have been released .

The four day Pilgrimage is led by the Vicar and Fr Malcolm Lane.

Day 1: Visit National Memorial Arboretum 

Day 2: Visit Durham Cathedral

Day 3: Visit Lindisfarne



Day 4: Yorkminster on way home

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CONCERT: August 17th

Monday, August 17th, 7.30pm

Cologone Philamornia Choir perform Mozart, Verdi & Tchaikovsky

Tickets available from the Tithe Barn

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We will celebrate our Patronal Festival on Saturday & Sunday, August 15th/ 16th          BVM


9am Holy Eucharist



8am Holy Eucharist

11am Parish Eucharist; Preacher Revd Canon Roger Williams SSC

followed by Patronal Lunch (places to be pre-booked)

6pm Evensong

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The Choir held its final rehearsal early on Monday morning at the Priory before embarking for Salisbury Cathedral where they will lead Evensong this week.





Here’s our music list for the week:
Monday 10th – EVENSONG at 5.30 pm
Responses: Clucas Psalms: 53, 54
Canticles: Brewer in D
Anthem: Hail, Gladdening Light – Wood

Tuesday 11th – EVENSONG at 5.30 pm
Responses: Clucas Psalm: 59
Canticles: Fourth Service – Batten
Anthem: Turn thee unto me – Boyce

Wednesday 12th – EVENSONG at 5.30 pm
Responses: Aston Psalm: 66
Canticles: Stanford in G
Anthem: Antiphon – Vaughan Williams

Thursday 13th – EVENSONG at 5.30 pm
Responses: Aston Psalm: 69
Canticles: Murrill in E
Anthem: My God, how gracious thou art – Pratt

Friday 14th – EVENSONG at 5.30 pm
Responses: Aston Psalm: 73
Canticles: Wood in E flat No. 2
Anthem: O Lorde the maker of al thing – Joubert

Get Up to date reports on the week

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Tithe Barn Abergavenny

There may be some disruption to the Abbot’s Garden during September & October due to work on lowering the ground level to the east of the Lewis Chapel and work on the Chapel’s East wall being undertaken.

Pre-Archeology work underway Pre-Archeology work underway

We apologise for any disruption  this will cause, but the good news is that this is the start of work to prepare for the installation of the Jesse Memorial Window.

Meanwhile in York the window’s designer Helen Whittaker has started work on the window in her studio.

Commenting Fr Mark said,”While we will not see the window installed for another 10 months or so, it it good to know that work is under way at last”.

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August 8 / 9

Even though Monk Street is closed to traffic on August 9th for the Festival of Cycling there will  services at St Mary’s Priory Church.

8am Holy Eucharist

11am Parish Eucharist

6pm Evensong & Sermon

The Church can be accessed by car via the Priory/ Bus Stop Car Park off Monmouth Road.


The closure of Baker Street will result in Sunday services at our sister Church of Hoy Trinity being canceled.

There will be a Secret Church on Saturday, August 8th. 

To register for notifications for this email community@stmarys-priory.org

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Get ready for the Priory Choir at Salisbury…

The St Mary's Choir Blog

….and so the count-down begins. With just a week to go, there’s plenty of preparation going on, and a few matters still to be finalised. The polo shirts are on order; the music sorted and put in folders. We’ve got a few last minute rehearsals with soloists going on; and which of the possible outings shall we choose? What is certain is that we’re really looking forward to being in Salisbury next week.
As I write this, in one week’s time (to the minute) we will be finishing our rehearsal for our first evensong in this wonderful building. By the end of the week we should feel at home in its glorious acoustic, and hopefully will have some great services under our belt.
SC - quire
As always, we’ll keep the blog up-to-date throughout the week, so you can see what is going on. But if you want to come to experience it…

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In his address at St Mary’s Priory Church today the Vicar, Canon Mark Soady criticised politicians for their response to the crisis at the Channel Tunnel in Calais.

Fr Mark  preaching on the Gospel for the day ( John 6.24-35 ) said:

“The people in today’s Gospel followed Jesus because he had fed the 5,000 not in order to find spiritual gain. We as human beings  often are greedy about our material needs. Such greed can blind us to the fact that we own nothing- and that all that we have comes from God, we are mere stewards of it. The talk of people coming here to our country and stealing our jobs, homes and taxes is an example of this.

If our leaders stopped playing politics over the crisis in Calais – and stopped to ask why would these people leave the comfort and safety of their homes to embark on a treacherous journey to an unknown country, they may have a different perception of the situation.


One of this interviewed at Calais had left Syria to find peace

– had left a country torn apart for years by conflict.

– had left a country so badly devastated by war that the basic amenities are hard to come by.

– had left a country that on 15 January  the United Nations estimated 220,000  had died in its civil war.

We as Christians are called to be generous / hospitable people. Our Benedictine roots here remains us of that; St Benedict himself tells us to treat every living person we encounter as we would an encounter with Christ.  We are reminded of this in particular when we look at the place of Refectory as one of our Seven Sacred Spaces.*”


*Over the Summer months the Parish is looking at the Sunday Gospels in the Context of the Seven Sacred Spaces.

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