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Holywell Community

The Prior, Canon Mark Soady states

“The Community came of age today when one of our Founder Members was Ordained Deacon”.

As the Community prepares to celebrate its 5th Anniversary, Founder Member, Samuel Patterson was Deaconed today in Newport by the Archbishop of Wales.

Deacon Samuel: His ordination Stole incorporates the Holywell Cross

Sam joined the Community on the day it launched: September 1st 2014 and stayed for two years before embarking on theological training.

Deacon Samuel will deacon the Community’s St Benedict Day Mass on July 11th at 6pm at St Mary’s Priory Church.

During the Ordination Service Deacon Sam was the Deacon of the Mass.

The Founder Members: Fr Mark, Ami & Deacon Sam

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The Priory Choir will hold its Annual Summer Concert on Saturday evening July 6th. This free event is not ticketed.


During the first half talented Choristers will perform individual items, showing of their skills in  both voice and instruments

For the second half the full choir will perform  Mozart’s charming lyrical Piccolomini Mass.


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Speaking at the Monmouthshire County Council Civic Service at our Daughter church of Christchurch today, Canon Mark Soady reminded the Civic Leaders that Jesus’ kind of Leadership was Servant Leadership; as he reflects on leadership in a week that the Conservative Leadership Campaign reaches a key stage.


He said Leaders have  duty to develop others in to leadership roles as Jesus did with the apostle Peter.

Jesus saw something in Peter from the very outset, even when Peter himself thought he didn’t deserve to be called in to God’s service. A key action of any leader, and especially the leaders in the voluntary and public sector is to be that discerner of people. To see what the person before you can become, if he or she is allowed to grow.

In every aspect of her public life Sheila has used her position to help develop others, be it as a Warden here at Christchurch or helping Chris with the junior football team. Speaking in Christchurch as part of our sermon series last Lent She described her purpose as achieving “a better life for all”.

Noting Jesus question to Peter ” “Will you also leave me?” –  A call to be loyal. Fr Mark praised Sheila for her loyalty to the principles she believes in, and for her loyalty to her faith.

Fr Mark concluded his address with a challenge to all civic leaders present :

All of us in leadership need to hold Jesus before us, he in his servant leadership gives us the ultimate template for Leadership.

Let us go out from here committed to following his example.

The Chairman of Monmouthshire County Council, Cllr Sheila Woodhouse is the Sub Warden at Christchurch.

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In his Pentecost Sermon this morning our Vicar, Canon Mark Soady reminded us that people of different languages can work together, if God is their guide.


Fr Mark said:

This week our Royal Patron, Prince Charles and his mother our Queen have been rather busy.

The week started with the State Visit of the President of the USA. The visit reminded me of that old saying ” we are divided by a common language”. They say “garbage’ we say” rubbish”, and they have no idea what ” a pint’. Although people speak the same language they do not always understand one another, at the first Pentecost the assembled crowd did understand the disciples even though they all spoke different languages, they understood one and other because they all had the same morals and ideas – the coming of the Holy Spirit had united them.

So to the second event the Royals took part in this week the 75th Anniversary of D Day. D Day saw troops who spoke English, French, Greek, Czech , Slovakian and Norwegian take part in one common gaol. The goal being to defeat the evil of Nazism. Unlike in the Genesis account of building the Tower of Babel, different languages did not result in disaster because all involved had the common goal of GOOD.

Yesterday saw HM The Queen’s Birthday Parade of Trooping the Colour. One of the greatest British sights! In this great display we saw some very complicated moves all executed perfectly because all on parade were following one command and working to one end. If we follow Jesus in love great things can happen to the church and the world.

In today’s Gospel Jesus says:

Very truly I tell you, the one who believes in me will also do the works that I do and, in fact, will do greater works than these, because I am going to the Father. I will do whatever you ask in my name…

Let us go forth and do just that in the power of the Spirit.

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Our Priory Choir will be the Choir-in-Residence at St.Patrick’s Cathedral Dublin from July 30th – August 4th, during high time they will provide the music for the Cathedral’s services.


The current Cathedral buildings dates from the 13th Century and is believed to be built on a site of St Patrick’s Well.

Although the Choir has been in- residence in many English Cathedrals, this year will see their first time across the water in a different nations capital.

IMG_0362 (2)

The Choir at Gloucester Cathedral last August 

The Choir will be on its Summer Holiday from July 15th – 29th and August 5- 10th &           12th – 24th

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