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6.30pm Blessing of Candles & Holy Eucharist at Christchurch, North Street

On February 2nd at 6.30pm, we share the Candlemas service with Christchurch, Govilon. In past years, the two Christchurch congregations have alternated between our two churches year on year. As Govilon is now part of Abergavenny Pastoral Area, it’s been decided to revive this practice, with the first one at Christchurch, North Street. The service will be followed by refreshments.

Earlier int he Day the Christchurch coffee morning will have a candle theme – there  will be some to buy, or why not bring along some to swap? Our local Community Support Officer Ruth Moyse will also be that this event, holding a police surgery for residents of Cantref Ward to come along to discuss any concerns. Ruth is also hoping to bring lanyards, purse bells and no cold caller stickers to give out.

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9.30am Holy Eucharist & Ashing

6.30pm Sung Eucharist and Ashing

Between 10am – 12noon we will also be Ashing in the Town Centre, near the Market Entrance, where we will be joined by the Bishop of Monmouth.




Throughout Lent we will mount Nigel Robert Pugh’s Exhibition of paintings of the Stations of the Cross. On Sunday evenings at 6pm we will look at the images and what message we can draw out for today, with the help of visiting Preachers.

March 5th: Religious Art with Revd Celia Jones, Magor (Christchurch, North Street)

March 12th: Accused & Pilate with His Honour Judge Huw Rees

March 19th: The Weeping Women with Revd Canon Daniel Burton former Chair of Embrace the Middle East

March 26th: Jesus meets his mother with Revd Paul Lockett former Chantry Priest at the Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham and Queen’s Chaplain.

April 2nd: Entrust with Deacon Jeff Pearce, Abergavenny (Christchurch, North Street)

April 9t: Death on the Cross / Descent with The Bishop of Ebbsfleet

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Deacon Jeff Pearse reflects on Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.

Writing in the February Parish Magazine Deacon Jeff says:

“As I write these words, we have started the new calendar year with the united Benefice Eucharist on January 1st at Holy Trinity, which was attended by members of all the Abergavenny Anglican Churches and at which we celebrated The Naming of Jesus. January 18th  saw the start of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, during which there were FullSizeRender.jpgopportunities for local Christians of all denominations to pray, worship and share fellowship together.

The Anglican Church regards itself as a catholic church. One definition of the term “catholic” which I recently discovered is “broad or wide-ranging in tastes, interests or the like; having sympathies with all; broad-minded, liberal”. This is reflected in the variety of churchmanship which is present in the Anglican Church. At Abergavenny, we are blessed by the fact that our four Anglican churches contain the whole spectrum of that Anglican churchmanship and enables us to meet that definition.

Those who were present at the service at Holy Trinity enjoyed the worship, and it was very pleasing to observe the fellowship which took place after the service between the members of the various churches. Within the Abergavenny Anglican communion, we do not worship jointly in this way very often, but maybe we should from time to time. Not because we feel that it is something that we ought to do, or because we feel that it is nice to do, or because we know of somewhere else where it happens. God calls us as His servants to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ, a task about which we may feel apprehensive in a world which seems to increase in its secularity day by day. Worshipping and sharing fellowship with others who are also charged with this task, be they from other Anglican churches or members of other denominations, can give us encouragement, ease our apprehension and provide spiritual stimulation. Attending an occasional Benefice service may mean going outside our comfort zones, attending a different church and experiencing an unfamiliar worship style for a short period, but there will be rewards.

It is therefore my hope that we will have joint Anglican services from time to time, and that, as a result, we will grow in faith and strength, so that, with confidence, we can spread the Good News of Jesus Christ, using those gifts that God has given to each one of us. “

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Ruth, Grandmother of Jesse

Continuing his series of Sermons on images in our new Jesse Window our Vicar, Canon Mark Soady is preaching over these three Sundays about Ruth.


Ruth’s Tomb in Hebron

He points out that it is one of only two books in the Bible not to mention God direct – and yet it is full of good teaching about being God-fearing. The Book of Ruth recalls a family tragedy which ends in a family restoration. A family whose ancestor scripture says will be the Messiah. Although the story happened nearly 3,000 years ago it is very relevant and topical because Ruth was a refugee.

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WE  will host the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity Service here on Day 6 of the week  of prayer, and will join in services at other denominations on other days.


• Jan 18—noon: United Reformed Church

• Jan 19—7pm: Abergavenny Baptist Church

• Jan 20—noon: Our Lady & St Michael’s

• Jan 21—2pm: United service at Abergavenny Methodist Church, preacher Catherine Lewis

• Jan 23—noon: St Mary’s Priory Church

• Jan 24—noon: Methodist Church

• Jan 25—noon: Salvation Army Hall (tbc)

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Angels exhibition to open

“And the angels called back and forth to one an-other. “Holy, Holy, Holy, is the God of the angel armies, his bright glory fills the earth” Isaiah 6

A new Textile Exhibition about Angels will be on display at the Priory Church from January 14th – 31st. Admission is free.

There is a great deal of mystery surrounding these heavenly-beings. In this exhibition, the textile artist, Jacqui Parkinson, explores some of the passages in the Bible that mention angels.


Jacqui’s work catches the eye and challenges the mind. It is all about putting ideas into action, exploiting many materials and techniques in order to get a message across. She uses a powerful graphic instinct together with the intimacy of the hand-stitched line to create work that feels highly spontaneous, very lively, moving and thoroughly engaging. Her Christian faith underpins all her art. She often includes words, sometimes precise extracts from the bible, or words that sum up ideas and feelings to form part of a graphic narrative and to draw the viewer in. Typically, her pieces have great impact from a distance; they engage the viewer, then encourage close inspection and contemplation. You can enjoy the big picture and the tiny detail. Angels is one of a series of textile art displays by Jacqui Parkinson which is touring cathedrals and churches in England and Wales.

For more information.

Hosted by the Deo Gloria Trust 

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Friday, January 6th: 6.30pm Holy Eucharist

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